P-Cable UHR3D System
Reduce Risk, Reveal Opportunities

What We Do

NCS SubSea is a premier provider of high precision navigation and ultrahigh resolution seismic services to the offshore E&P industry. Read More

NCS SubSea
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Value Proposition

Transforming Risk into Opportunity: NCS SubSea’s unique combination of precise navigation and ultrahigh resolution seismic solutions reduce and quantify uncertainty, allowing offshore E&P operators to safely and confidently identify, drill and produce hydrocarbon resources.

Latest News

NCS SubSea and P-Cable A/S are exibiting at the 2017 SEG conference at booth 825. Stop by and see us for the latest in P-Cable UHR seismic.

NCS SubSea acquires P-Cable A/S of Norway expanding our expertise and opportunities in the UHR seismic market. Visit our P-Cable website for more information P-Cable.com

NCS SubSea is developing the Navigation and Position solution for Kietta's new nodal system, FreeCable, which was introduced at the 2016 SEG Conference. FreeCable is an innovative solution using controlled-depth cables, kept precisely in place with ASVs utilizing NCS's navigation and positioning solution. Visit FreeCableSeis.com